Black Bat Coloring Pages

In July 1939, Thrilling Publications (also known as Standard or Better) introduced a new Black Bat in a series called Black Book Detective. Written mainly by Norman A. Daniels under the house name G. Wayman Jones, the stories describe the crime-fighting career of former District Attorney Anthony Quinn. In a clear departure from most pulp characters and heroes, this Black Bat actually has an origin story. It describes how Quinn became the Black Bat after being blinded and disfigured by acid when trying to save evidence against Oliver Snate in court, an idea borrowed a few years later by DC Comics for the creation of both the hero Doctor Mid-Nite and the Batman villain Two-Face (when D. A. Harvey Kent is disfigured by having acid thrown in his face in Detective Comics #66, August 1942; his surname was later changed to Dent). (Marvel Comics later created Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer who gained “super senses” and became Daredevil. ) The Black Bat left paper stickers of a bat stuck to his victims, so like The Spider before him (who stamped a blood-red spider stencil on the criminals’ foreheads), innocent people would not be blamed for their deaths, and other criminals would come to fear him.

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