Little Lulu Coloring Pages

Marjorie Henderson Buell (1904–1993), whose work appeared under the name “Marge”, had created two comic strips in the 1920s: The Boy Friend and Dashing Dot, both with female leads. She first had Little Lulu published in a single-panel cartoon in The Saturday Evening Post on February 23, 1935, in which Lulu appears as a flower girl at a wedding and strews the aisle with banana peels. The Little Lulu strip replaced the strip Henry in the magazine; the Post requested a similar strip from Buell, and Buell created a little girl character in place of Henry’s little boy as she believed “a girl could get away with more fresh stunts that in a boy would seem boorish”. The single-panel strip continued in the Post until the December 30, 1944, issue, and continued from then as a regular comic strip. Buell has said the tough little girl with corkscrew curls in her hair resembles herself when she was young. Buell herself ceased drawing the comic strip in 1947, and in 1950 Little Lulu became a daily syndicated by Chicago Tribune–New York News Syndicate and ran until 1969.

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